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Your Midwest Tile Plow Dealer and Tile Installer

  • Our trade area is Barnes County and surrounding counties. This area has soils suited for restoration through subsurface water management.
  • Our local expertise will give you direction for correcting the problem areas of your field.
  • You might have unhealthy soils in your field that you have given up hope on ever producing a decent crop. Give us a call!


We are a driving force for the tiling industry in the Upper Midwest. Our goal is to help farmers produce better yields.

We understand the wet areas of your field make it less efficient to plant and harvest. We can help remedy this.


Striving to improve the region's soils through subsurface water management.

Remedy the areas of your land that are not producing to their full potential due to surface salts.

You need to add subsurface water management to restore your soil's health.

Your next step is to call us for an estimate.
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