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We are your local Ag Leader dealer. We can assist you with ordering products and installation. Give us a call 877-470-4871

About Ag Leader:

Ag Leader is defiantly independent, and committed solely to helping growers better their quality of life and address agronomic issues through precision farming solutions. With four support offices, 280+ employees worldwide and an expansive domestic and international dealer network, Ag Leader is dedicated to producing a valuable product experience for growers. Ag Leader remains privately owned and family operated, with headquarters in Ames, Iowa.

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InCommand 1200

InCommand 1200 gives you the ability to view planting data on the individual row basis, and gain further insight into under performing rows before it costs you yield. Don't wait until harvest, by then it's to late. Plant with the InCommand 1200 and address planter issues before it's too late.


Carry this over into your liquid and granular application. DirectCommand has revolutionized the application management process, giving you reliable application rate control that will help you minimize waste.

Finally its harvest time. After many long hours of hard work - planning, planting and applying - you are ready to reap the rewards at harvest. But why wait to see the results until after harvest is completed? See what's happening in real-time as your combine moves through the field.

Intellislope® Tile Plow Control System


Ag Leader's Intellislope® simplifies the process of installing field drainage tile by using an RTK GPS receiver to install tile with a positive grade through the entire run. This eliminates the need for laser surveying equipment, which can be subject to weather conditions, and adjustments to keep the plow on grade in changing topography. 

AgFiniti Data Management


Today's agriculture is increasingly data centric; your information needs to be more accessible than ever. With the AgFiniti cloud- based platform, take information about your entire operation with you wherever you go to help you make decisions on the farm that matter most.

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